The End of the Dollar (Fool’s) Rally?

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The battle between inflation and deflation continues to rage on, with deflation mounting a very impressive counterattack. Check out this chart of last Thursday’s single day sector returns, courtesy of Agora: It’s challenging, to say the least, to make money investing when EVERYTHING in EVERY market is going down. This is the classic deflationary nightmare […]

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Now THAT’S the way you trade! Two solid weeks in a row – I’m feeling good about things, back in control, following trends like I should be. A review of my trades from the week that was: Closed out my Coffee long position – I closed this out on Thursday just north of the 143 […]

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In his latest must-read commentary, James Turk of cites Warren Buffett’s “Hamburger Theory” and reflects that gold and silver investors should be savoring this current buying opportunity – much as the same way an excessive hamburger eater would favor lower, rather than higher, beef prices. No mention if the hamburger eater is long/short live […]

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A contemplation on my trades from the week that was: Shorted the British Pound (again) – Roll over, Sterling! The trend is my friend, the trend is my friend, the trend…bad economic data keeps on coming from the UK. This move was long overdue. Went long Coffee – I absolutely DON’T like the way coffee […]

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