Economics 101 for Presidential Candidates

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A solid understanding of economics is absolutely required in order to be successful in commodity trading. These markets may be the truest of them all in loyalty to the basic laws of economics, which govern all price movements. It’s safe to say that our crackpot team of presidential candidates would probably not fare well in […]

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Keep an eye on that Aussie $ – let’s see if it can break through the 0.89 mark. From Chuck Butler in today’s Daily Pfennig:And on that note… Australian Retail Sales gained for a 6th month in November, advancing .8% from October. I’m telling you now, so you can hear me later… The Reserve Bank […]

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In case you were under the illusions that the US operated completely free markets, this should set you straight. Article goes on to state what we’ve talked about – that governments are between a rock and a hard place, and they will opt for inflation instead of hard landings and debt repayments. Why keep an […]

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The oft quoted site says it all on the homepage – using pre-Clinton era CPI calculation methods, inflation is running north of 8%. This probably jives a bit better with your own personal observations of food and energy prices. Suddenly a 5% savings account doesn’t seem so great. Add in the depreciating dollar (down […]

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