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Full article Summary: UN says world food production must increase by 60% over next 20 years to meet demand Grain and meat production is extremely water intensive – many areas in the world do not have the excess water to ramp up grains and meats Brazil will be the key – it has 23% of […]

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Full stories: Bloomberg Summary: Potash CEO William Doyle says grain farmers need to harvest record crops every year to meet demand and avoid famine Potash execs are so confident in long term demand that they considered taking the company private in mid-January “We need a record crop in 2008 just to stay even with […]

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Article in today’s Daily Wealth about how the bull market in commodities is hurting the fortunes of food companies. Summary: Gov’t mandates for corn-based ethanol have driven up all grain prices For the forseeable future, consumers will pay more for food The stock prices of food producers have been hammered, as they struggle to deal […]

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