Why – and How – Marc Faber’s Buying Gold Right Now

Why – and How – Marc Faber’s Buying Gold Right Now

Marc Faber likes gold at these levels – the physical variety that is – and recommends storing it anywhere but the US (much to the shock of the potted plants in suits on CNBC).

Interview highlights:

  • On gold’s lackluster year: Money printing does not lift all assets at the same time with the same intensity
  • Believes $1,322 may have been a “major low” – though concedes it’s possible it will break lower
  • He’s buying right now (started buying more physical at $1400)
  • And emphasizes he doesn’t store any in the US due to confiscation concerns (though admits this is not a likely scenario)

Here’s the video embed and original link:

Original Faber interview link here.

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