Jim Rogers on Gold, JP Morgan, US Stocks & More – CNBC Interview

Jim Rogers on Gold, JP Morgan, US Stocks & More – CNBC Interview

Jim Rogers joined the original money honey Maria Bartiromo today on CNBC’s closing bell for a solid ten-minute interview (link and embed below).

  • He views the current decline as a normal correction (said it could go all the way to $1200 and still be within the confines of a normal correction).
  • Has recently hedged his positions in gold and silver.  Still owns other commodities, including agriculture.
  • Owns US dollar due to its status as a perceived safe haven (he says it is not actually a safe haven).
  • Believe JP Morgan and friends are liquidating positions like crazy at the moment.
  • Thinks finance is “finished” after a great 30 years – says stock market volume is not going to come back (and recommended that Maria become a farmer, or at least learn how to drive a tractor).
  • Says he owns no American equities, and is short equities around the world (believes 2013 and 2014 are going to be real messes).
  • Admitted he was short calls on a “large American bank” when this JP Morgan news came out (ha!)

Here’s the full interview on CNBC.

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