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Excellent Doug Casey Interview: Braving the Greater Depression

by Brett on September 28, 2011

The following must-watch interview of Doug Casey was conducted on September 9, 2011 by Tommy Humphreys as part of his new Speculator Series.  Humphreys does a great job of pushing Doug to defend his brand of no-holds-barred capitalism and the impact it would have on real people with real problems in today’s tough economy.

Casey is a proponent of the US/West defaulting on its debt now (because it’s unpayable), and abolishing most (useless) Federal agencies.

On viewing the video, Doug commented that he thought it was the best interview he’s done in a couple of decades.

[No one has been more correct in forecasting the current crisis and how to profit from it than Doug Casey and his team at Casey Research.  Listen to more from Doug and his team, along with some of the top minds in resource investing, on a comprehensive set of audio recordings from the Casey Research Fall Summit, When Money Dies. Pre-order the audio recordings now and we'll ship them as soon as they’re available after the event.]

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