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Hugh Hendry’s One Hour Interview with Steven Drobny at LSE

by Brett on October 31, 2011

Here’s an out-of-this-world experience with Hugh Hendry – a full hour with noted financial author Steven Drobny (who’s books are excellent, by the way).

You just have to absolutely love someone who says they would short themselves.

Hendry’s a believer in debt deflation, and thinks the yen and dollar could appreciate greatly, because most debt is denominated in these currencies.  He’s still betting on long tail events related to something really bad happening (like China reversing course, crashing, and taking the rest of the world down in the process).

The second half of the fourth bit – the last before Q&A – is especially fantastic, as Hendry talks about his trepidation of the unknown and why that’s healthy and necessary.

Big hat tip to Zero Hedge for posting this originally, and Carson for sending over the ZH link.

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