Why Japan May Be The Next Sovereign Debt Disaster

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The sovereign debt debacle spotlight is back on Europe at the moment…but could it soon be heading to the land of the rising sun? Japan has quietly boasted astronomical borrowing needs as a percentage of GDP – so much so that the relative calm of Japanese interest rates has lulled many investors to sleep.  Is […]

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I know that very few if any of us actually believe the worst is behind us.  There are too many skeletons left in the closet – with massive sovereign debt being possibly the most ominous storm cloud on the horizon. In this guest article, our friend David Galland questions the logic of the mainstream financial […]

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Astute reader Shaun forwarded along a great email with his thoughts about the sovereign debt situation, and included a couple of fantastic charts that illustrate examples from Japan and Argentina.  Both charts are courtesy of Reggie Middleton’s excellent BoomBustBlog. The first item we’ll explore is Japan, a nation that has become increasingly hooked on public […]

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How scary are the sovereign debt levels of the United States, Japan, and European nations?  David Galland explores in this guest piece.  If you’re not completely frightened by the levels of government debt, and the fact that Greece is nothing extraordinary…you should be scared out of your mind by the end of David’s piece! An […]

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