Greek Default Near? Finance Minister Weights in With Investor “Opportunity”

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Hat tip to our buddy and fellow debt deflationist Carson for passing along this mind blowing number on Greek debt: As Wall Street hangs on the question “Will Greece default?,” the author heads for riot-stricken Athens, and for the mysterious Vatopaidi monastery, which brought down the last government, laying bare the country’s economic insanity. But […]

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Would you believe that the 10 year bond yields on Greece debt are close to breaking out – again? Greece bond yields on the rise (Source: Looks like $1 trillion only kicks the can down the road a few months! A trip down memory lane: Chucking at the Greece bailout when reported on May […]

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I know that very few if any of us actually believe the worst is behind us.  There are too many skeletons left in the closet – with massive sovereign debt being possibly the most ominous storm cloud on the horizon. In this guest article, our friend David Galland questions the logic of the mainstream financial […]

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The bond vigilantes continue to circle the wagons in Greece.  Bloomberg reports: European stocks fell today, led by indexes in Greece, Spain and Portugal. Credit-default swaps on Greece rose 38 basis points to an all-time high of 970 basis points, according to CMA DataVision. Contracts on Portuguese government securities climbed 16 basis points to a […]

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How scary are the sovereign debt levels of the United States, Japan, and European nations?  David Galland explores in this guest piece.  If you’re not completely frightened by the levels of government debt, and the fact that Greece is nothing extraordinary…you should be scared out of your mind by the end of David’s piece! An […]

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Here’s my understanding of the Greece bailout plan that was passed today.  It’s nearly $1 trillion.  It should stabilize Greece for now – credit default swaps on Greek debt tumbled on the news – though from Greece’s perspective, it’s hard to see how this is anything more than “kicking the can down the road”, as […]

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