Richard Russell Still Likes Gold for 2011: It’s Not a Bubble

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Richard Russell dismisses the chatter about a bubble in gold in his latest Dow Theory Letter.  Here’s an excerpt, courtesy of our friends at The Daily Crux: Question: Russell, what do you make of all the talk about gold being in a bubble? Answer: I’ve seen a number of bubbles in my life, and they […]

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Here’s a recent excerpt from Richard Russell’s Dow Theory Letters (courtesy of Financial Sense): The gold bull market will not end with a fizzle and a whimper. It will end with intense speculation and widespread interest from the funds and the public. We haven’t seen that kind of activity yet, but I’m convinced that a […]

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Like Robert Prechter, Richard Russell is also very bearish on stocks in the near term.  But unlike Prechter, who thinks you should be in 100% cash and short term cash equivalents, Russell thinks this will get you in trouble. (For a recap of Prechter’s latest predictions, click here). Richard Russell’s latest outlook, Courtesy of The […]

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Richard Russell’s not in the mainstream news that often – so when he is, my interest is certainly piqued. To my knowledge, Russell has been short term bullish throughout much of this reflation/retracement rally.  It looks like he’s close to donning his bear cap, though. Bloomberg reports: “If the May 7 lows are violated by […]

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Richard Russell thinks the bond market may be saying ENOUGH with the quantitative easing, reports The Daily Crux. From his Dow Theory Letters: The bond market is now very close to saying, “We’ve had enough.” … Many older subscribers probably remember my lifelong emphasis on the POWER of COMPOUNDING. But what of the power of […]

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Nice scoop by the Daily Crux – Richard Russell’s comments about current dividend levels…or lack thereof! The second quarter of 2009 was a dismal one for corporate dividends. Standard & Poor’s recorded an all-time low of 233 dividend increases plus resumptions and extras. During the April through June period, the 7,000 publicly-owned companies that S&P […]

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