Jobs Report Rains on Hopes That 1st Half 2011 Was a “Soft Spot”

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No jobs is not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself (Eat People, anyone?)…unfortunately I don’t think the latest jobs report was driven by any massive productivity enhancing automation of the human workforce! —- Being Street Smart Sy Harding Jobs Report Rains on Soft Spot Hopes July 8, 2011 The Labor Department’s employment report […]

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Sy Harding takes a look at the disappointing unemployment numbers – and shares why they are irrelevant when it comes to forecasting. —- The Dismal Jobs Report Is Not Important Being Street Smart Sy Harding January 8, 2011 Another month – another disappointment in the employment picture. But it doesn’t matter!  The economic recovery continues. […]

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Today, Karl Rove penned an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal blasting Barack Obama for “one of the all-time presidential PR disasters” in describing Obama’s economic summer 2010 policies.  Rove cited Obama’s falling approval rating – from 42% in May, to 35% in August as evidence of his ineptness. Now I’m not exactly a fan […]

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If your personal income is stagnant, or even declining, you’re not alone in the US. Personal income declined 1.8% year-over-year in 2009 according to data released from the Commerce Department. The Wall Street Journal reports: Income declined in 223 metro areas last year, increased in 134 and was unchanged in nine regions. Even though prices […]

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Today’s unemployment report was a big disappointment – and I’m not quite sure why to be honest, because I don’t see any noticeable private sector hiring. Nevertheless, the market was spooked as stocks moved sharply down early in the trading day, though they managed to pare back much of their losses later in the session. […]

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