Two Unloved Ag-Mates at Hovering Key Support Levels

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There are two entry strategies I like to employ when trading agriculture.  The first, and classic, is to enter a position on a significant breakout to the upside – as we highlighted recently with regards to cotton futures. This tried-and-true trend following play concedes the first 10-20% of a move, with the goal of catching […]

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Here’s a classic example of why it’s advisable to keep your stops just below obvious levels – and out of the market, too. Our rice trade thus far has not panned out as hoped (we bought the two-year breakout in rice prices on February 1st – here’s why). After an initial continued run higher, rice […]

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After seeing today’s bloodbath in the grains – I have to believe a lot of hot money sprinted to the exits, with the big down day in equities. Yikes! (Source: Though grains certainly have enticing longer term fundamentals, today it was limit-down across the board! Perhaps astute contrarian-minded investors were tipped off to a […]

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We’ve seen a lot of mustard on the price action in rough rice since we initiated our long May 2011 futures position – but for all that, we are just about where we started: Which, actually, is perfectly fine with me.  Since I generally use a 15-day low as my stop on these trades, a […]

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So far, so good on that “long rice” trade – always a good sign when your position is the only green on the screen! Today was a forgettable one for most grains – but rice stood tall amidst the apathy. (Source: For some background on our rough rice trade… The favorable supply/demand fundamentals The […]

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Regular readers know that we’ve been keeping a keen eye on rough rice ever since Jim Rogers said “if rice went down, he’d buy more.” That prompted me to take a look at the supply/demand fundamentals of rice, and conclude that things were teed up for a potential rally in this unsung grain. A recent […]

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