Two Unloved Ag-Mates at Hovering Key Support Levels

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There are two entry strategies I like to employ when trading agriculture.  The first, and classic, is to enter a position on a significant breakout to the upside – as we highlighted recently with regards to cotton futures. This tried-and-true trend following play concedes the first 10-20% of a move, with the goal of catching […]

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Sovereign Man Simon Black gave a nice breakdown of seven bullish fundamentals for agriculture in the years (and even decades) ahead: On the demand side: 1) World population isn’t getting any smaller for now. Even some of the most Malthusian models show a continued rise in global population for the next few decades until peak resources and […]

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Inspired by the Jim Rogers interview I watched last night, in which he said he’d be most interested in whatever agriculture was down the most, I decided to look at the charts to see what’s down and out these days! One longtime favorite of Jim’s, and ours, is rough rice.  I was fortunate to trade […]

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On this blog, no less? 🙂 I noticed this beauty after publishing the Jim Rogers post: I have a third-party vendor manage the placement of banner ads on my blog, so I don’t deal directly with the companies that place them.  I couldn’t help myself, and had to click – I was taken to the […]

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Tomorrow, I’ll post some latest thoughts regarding inflation and deflation (thanks to reader Dave who rattled my cage on this).  Here’s a small preview – when it comes to agriculture, the price trend looks destined to stay up, no matter what happens with the global economy. I’m attacking the agriculture investment story with renewed vigor. […]

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Jim Rogers, a fervent agricultural bull since he launched the Rogers International Commodity Index in 1998, recently cited rice as his favorite grain. He told MoneyNews: “If rice goes down, I will buy more rice. Rice has a great future for the next few years.” When Jim casually name-drops a commodity—especially a grain—it’s usually advisable to […]

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